Medical Panels

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Medical Panels are independent tribunals that help to resolve disputes about medical aspects of a workers compensation claim and a Wrongs Act claim.

The Panel is made up of experienced doctors from a range of specialities. Referrals to a Medical Panel can come from a conciliation officer, a court, a WorkCover agent, a self-insured employer, or in a Wrongs Act claim, the individual or organisation against whom the claim is made.

The Panel doctors examine and talk to the injured person about their condition. They also review all the documents provided to them relating to the claim including medical reports.

The Panel may make decisions about the nature of the medical condition, the level of impairment, the relationship of the injury to work, whether any proposed treatment is appropriate and the person's capacity for their normal or alternative work.

The Panel then issues a written opinion. This answers the questions that are being asked and is accompanied by the reasons for the decision. The opinions and reasons document is then provided to all relevant parties.

The Medical Panel decision is binding on all parties including the courts.

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Reviewed 03 March 2020