Medical Panels

After your appointment

Find out what happens after your appointment.

After your appointment the Medical Panel will discuss your situation and form their opinion. This process usually takes about four weeks.

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will help you understand what will happen after your appointment (but before the Medical Panel has written its opinion).

  • Sometimes a Medical Panel may need you to see another doctor or allied health professional. The Panel will usually let you know about this during your appointment, but it can sometimes occur after your appointment when they’ve been discussing your case. Our office will then contact you to arrange a further appointment.

  • Yes, sometimes a Medical Panel may need more information. This may include clinical records or test results from your treating doctor or hospital, and/or additional scans (X-rays/CT/MRI) or testing (blood tests, nerve conduction studies etc.). The Panel may also need to contact your treating doctor. In any of these cases, the Panel will ask you to sign a consent form so they can get the information they need. You won’t need to organise any of this as our office will do it.

  • Sometimes a Medical Panel may need more time to form its opinion. This can be due to the complexity of your injuries and the questions they’re asked to answer, or they’re waiting on additional information. If this is the case, the Panel will write to your representative and the referrer (the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service, courts, WorkCover insurer, self-insured employer, or the person/company who the claim is against) to notify them.

Reviewed 08 November 2019

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