Medical Panels are independent tribunals that help resolve disputes about medical aspects of workers compensation claims and Wrongs Act claims. Each Panel is made up of experienced medical practitioners from a range of specialities.

Panel Members are qualified medical practitioners who are able to provide independent, high quality medical assessments. This is often performed in cooperation with the other panel members, where a comprehensive Medical Panel Opinion and Reasons, in response to the referred question, is provided.

Panel Member Selection

The Convenor of Medical Panels nominates the members for each panel from the list of approved medical practitioners appointed by the Governor in Council . The panel members are selected based on the specialities that are required for the medical question that has been asked. All panel members are highly experienced and qualified within their field of expertise.    

Being a Panel Member is not a full time role, and can fit around other commitments. Panel members often work in a range of other roles to keep their experience current, including clinical appointments, academic teaching and research appointments.

Further information

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