Medical Panels are established under the Workers Compensation legislation and the Wrongs Act 1958. Where there is a disagreement or uncertainty about aspects of an injury or medical condition, a Medical Panel may be convened to answer referred questions and provide a legally conclusive and binding opinion on the medical issue/s in dispute.

Medical Panels have been part of the dispute resolution process in Victoria in one form or another since the early 1990s. During this time Medical Panels has served the valuable purpose of providing the speedy, fair and cost effective resolution of medical disputes in relation to workers' compensation claims and Wrongs Act impairment threshold determinations.

Each Medical Panel is independent and functions as a tribunal that provides final and legally binding answers to referred questions. They also provide detailed reasoning in the official document (Opinion and Reasons).

The Office of the Convenor of Medical Panels consists of the Convenor, Deputy Convenors, and employees who support the operations of Medical Panels.

The  Convenor is the head of the organisation who is appointed by the Minister for Finance and, is responsible for:

  • convening a Medical Panel once a valid referral is received, including deciding the size and specialisations of the Panel;
  • providing the Medical Panel with the referral documents received by the Convenor;
  • recommending appropriate medical practitioners to the Minister for appointment to the list of Medical Panel Members as required;
  • provide advice to the Minister in relation to matters relating to the Medical Panels.

The organisation operates out of dedicated premises that include medical consulting suites and the administration office.


To provide the fair and timely resolution of disputes, through the provision of Opinions and Reasons on medical questions referred in relation to the Workers Compensation legislation, and Determinations in accordance with the Wrongs Act 1958.

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