Making an Effective Referral

The referring party must ensure that the referral is valid and asks the appropriate statutory medical question/s.

Special requirements

As part of your referral, please advise the Medical Panels office if the worker/claimant:

  • is recovering from recent surgery, consulting a specialist to consider possible surgery, or scheduled to have surgery in the near future. In this situation the Panel examination may need to be deferred;
  • has any special requirements or needs;
  • requires an interpreter, (in this case please advise the exact language that is required, as some languages have varying dialects);

Submitting surveillance information

If your referral contains, or you intend to provide, surveillance materials please ensure that copies of the relevant reports and footage have been provided to the parties, in accordance with the current Convenors Directions. Failure to do so may result in a delay in the Medical Panel examination process.

Travel Arrangements & Costs

Any reasonable travel (and where required, accommodation costs) are to be met by the Agent, self-insured employer or Respondent. Once Panel examinations have been arranged it is the responsibility of the Agent/self-insured employer, or Respondent to ensure appropriate travel and accommodation arrangements have been made for the worker/claimant to attend the examination. Workers/Claimants should be asked to keep receipts/records of costs, and submit these to the relevant party for reimbursement.

Submission of additional information

A party to the referral wishing to provide the Medical Panel with a written submission, or further documents after receipt of the initial referral, must also provide a copy of such information to ALL other parties in the referral.

In relation to any additional information received from a party to the referral after receipt of the initial referral, the Convenor and/or the Medical Panel may, where necessary, request all other parties in the referral make within 14 days any comment or submission in response, for consideration by the Panel.

Medical Records Information

A party which relies upon information from medical records provided to the Panel is expected to:

  • provide a copy of the medical records to ALL other parties in the referral;  and
  • identify in its written submission the particular parts of the medical records upon which the party relies and state the consequences that the party asserts flow from such information.

Where large amounts of medical records are received, the Convenor's office may request the referring party to also provide this information on CD/Disc.

How long will it take until an appointment is scheduled?

All efforts are made to progress the referral in a timely manner, however some time may pass before receiving confirmation of the Medical Panels examination details.  Please ensure your client/s are made aware of this.

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