Assessing the referral

The Medical Panels office will assess each referral to ensure that the referral:

  • is valid;
  • is from a person or body who has appropriate referral powers under the Act; and
  • asks a medical question that is appropriate to be determined by a Medical Panel. 

Convening the Medical Panel

On receipt of a valid referral, the Convenor of Medical Panels will convene a Medical Panel from a list of approved, expert medical practitioners. This includes a Presiding member, and an appropriate number of panel members with the required specialties for the referral.

Medical Panel Examinations

The Convenor will arrange Medical Panel examinations as considered appropriate and will advise the referring party, and any other relevant parties, of the examination.

Opinion or Determinations

The Medical Panel will form its Opinion or Determination on a medical question within legislative timeframes, and give its findings to the appropriate parties.

Where to submit your Referral?

All referrals to Medical Panels should be directed to:
Convenor of Medical Panels
Level 6 (North Tower)
485 La Trobe St
Melbourne, Vic 3000