Arriving on time

Please ensure that you arrive on time for your appointment.  If you arrive late the Medical Panel may be cancelled and result in delays.  Another appointment may need to be arranged at a later date.

It is important that you attend the examination and co-operate with the Medical Panel.  Your entitlement to compensation payments may be affected if you do not, and there may be other consequences for your claim.

Submitting additional materials

If you have been referred by someone other than a Court, you can send to the Convenor copies of any additional material that you wish to place before the Medical Panel, which has not already been provided with the original referral. If you've been referred by a Court, the Medical Panel can only consider material that has been forwarded by the Court. You must ensure that any additional information is submitted to all the parties (you can arrange this through your legal representative).

Surveillance footage

If surveillance footage has been submitted in relation to your referral, it is important that you view this material prior to your examination appointment. The Panel will need to discuss/review any surveillance footage with you during the examination.

Any Questions

You are required to attend your examination and cooperate with the Medical Panel. If you have any concerns please speak to the Medical Panel. It is important that you fully understand the examination process.

Location of appointments

The majority of Medical Panel appointments are conducted at the Medical Panel office located at Level 6, 485 La Trobe St, Melbourne. However, some specialist examinations may be conducted at other locations, please refer to your individual appointment details that will be confirmed in writing to you from the Office of The Convenor.

Appointed Panel Members

Only Panel Members that have been selected by the Convenor of Medical Panels, from an approved list of medical experts appointed by the Governor in Council, can conduct the appointments.

Travel arrangements

Necessary travel arrangements for you to attend the Medical Panel appointment should be made directly through the Agent (in Workers Compensation referrals), or through the representative for the Respondent (in the case of Wrongs Act Claims). All travel arrangements should be made well in advance of the appointment.