At your appointment you will be examined by one or more doctors, either individually or together. The examination will take between 30 and 90 minutes.

Background information

During the examination you will be asked about the history of your injury or condition. This will include questions about your work history, previous medical history, or in the case of a psychiatric examination, your previous life experiences. If an interpreter has been requested as part of your referral, this will be organised by the office of Medical Panels prior to the appointment. 

The Panel will ask you to comment on the medical question and the material that has been provided. They may also need to view any x-rays, test results and hospital summaries that you bring along, which were not provided as part of the referral. 

Physical examination

In most cases there will also be a physical examination. During the examination the Panel may need to examine the area beyond your immediate injury e.g. your legs for a back injury.

You may be required to remove items of clothing during your physical examination. It is advised that you wear items that will allow you to easily undress for the physical examination.

Gowns will also be provided and qualified nursing staff are available for assistance as required.