The Opinion and Reasons about the medical question that was referred to Medical Panels will be released to relevant parties, within the legislative timeframe. In the case of a Workers Compensation referral, this is 60 days after the Convenor provides the referral documents to the Medical Panel (this normally occurs at the same time you receive details of your scheduled appointment), plus up to seven days to provide the Opinion to the referring party. 

In the case of a Wrongs Act Referral, this will be 30 days from the Medical Panel appointment. 

These timeframes can be extended if additional information is required or received during the course of the referral, or if the Medical Panel requires more time to finalise its Opinion.

Who receives the Medical Panel Opinion or Determination?

If you were referred by the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service or a Court, the Medical Panel's opinion, and the reasons for the Opinion, will be forwarded to the conciliation officer or Court that made the referral. They will then forward the results to you and/or your legal representative.

If you were referred by a WorkSafe Agent or self-insured employer, a copy of the Medical Panel's Opinion and the reasons, will be forwarded directly to you, your legal representative (if you are represented), and the WorkSafe Agent or self-insured employer who made the referral.

The law requires that a Medical Panels Opinion be adopted and applied as final by any court, body or person.


If you have any questions about the meaning of your Medical Panel Opinion you should talk to your legal representative (if you are represented) or the WorkSafe Agent, or self-insured employer that is managing your claim.

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