As part of the assessment or management of your Workers Compensation claim, or your Wrongs Act claim, an aspect of your medical condition may need to be clarified.

A Medical Panel can provide an opinion where there is a disagreement or uncertainty about an aspect of your injury or condition.

Who can refer you to Medical Panels?

A medical question can be referred to Medical Panels by:

  • authorised WorkSafe Agents,
  • Accident Compensation Conciliation Services (ACCS),
  • Magistrates' and County Courts,
  • VCAT,
  • self-insured employers, and
  • for a Wrongs Act claim, a respondent (Defendant) in a matter.

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Attending the examination

When a question about your injury or condition is referred to Medical Panels you will be required to attend an examination.

At the examination a Panel of experienced doctors from a range of specialities will assess your injury or condition, in relation to your claim.

The Panel will examine and talk to you about your condition. They also review all the documents provided to them relating to the claim including medical reports.

Final Opinion

The Panel may make decisions about:

  • the nature of the medical condition;
  • the level of impairment;
  • the relationship of the injury to work;
  • whether any proposed treatment is appropriate; and
  • the person's capacity for their normal, or alternative work.

The Medical Panel will issue a final written Opinion. This answers the questions that have been asked and is accompanied by the reasons for the decision.The Opinion and Reasons document is then provided to all relevant parties.

The Medical Panel decision is binding on all parties including the Courts.

Please refer to the attached brochures for commonly asked questions.